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LightBasic™ Translucent Skylights

LightBasic™ Quick Ship™ self-flashing single slope skylights have a sandwich panel design that fe...

LightBasic™ Pre-assembled Wall Systems

LightBasic™ pre-assembled wall systems make it simple to add natural light to your space. They're...

Auburn® Glass Skylights

Auburn® pre-assembled single slope skylights are designed and built for years of worry-free perfo...

Daylighting isn't just about allowing light into a space - it's about occupant comfort, improving indoor environments for students and teachers, enhancing retail spaces and shrinking energy bills. Contact Major today at 888-759-2678 to find out more about our full line of custom, specialty and pre-engineered daylighting options.



When Las Cruces High School, the oldest high school in Las Cruces, New Mexico, needed an update and expansion, emphasis was placed on carving out new classroom space, more administrative space, a new library, a performing arts center, and a pedestrian bridge connecting the old and new sides of the facility. Daylight and natural light also play a...
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